Types of Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioning (or commonly known as air-con, A/C or window air conditioner) is a mechanism used in many different commercial and residential spaces to cool the temperature down in a specific indoor space by transferring the existing heat and moisture space. They work by taking hot air extracted from the air conditioner and dispersing it into the air in cold air. This process results in a significant drop in the temperatures both in the indoor and outdoor spaces that the air conditioner is installed. This makes the system a viable option for both business and residential properties.


There are many benefits of having an Air Conditioning Melbourne system installed in your home or office. They help you keep the heat or cool air inside the building and reduce the level of humidity in the air. During hot summers, the system will reduce the temperature inside your house, and in winter, it will keep the heated air inside the building so that the cooling process takes place slowly. This helps you stay comfortable in hot weather and prevent the occurrence of heat stroke and hypothermia.

However, not everyone can afford air conditioning systems. If you cannot afford to purchase your unit, you can get it installed by professionals. You can hire a professional to install it for you, or if you are good at DIY, you can even buy a ready-made unit from a hardware store. The most important thing you have to remember while buying a unit is that it should perform all functions that it is supposed to do.

Another function of the Air Conditioning Melbourne system is the condensing unit. It works by lowering the inside temperature of the building. There are two types of condensing units which include the refrigerant and the condenser. The compressor will increase the pressure of the refrigerant, and the condenser will lower the pressure of the condensing refrigerant.

There are also different types of fans that are used in air conditioning systems. These different types of fans come with different features. For instance, some are usually powered by electricity, and some are powered by solar energy. The one you choose should take care of the size of the room you want to cool. If your room is big, you will need a more significant and influential fan than a small room.

There is also the split-system air conditioning system. This kind has its compressor and a separate condensing unit that is located outdoors. With this kind of system, the fan is often powered by electricity rather than by gas. This kind of outdoor unit is usually cheaper than the indoor one.

Lastly, we will talk about portable air conditioners. These kinds are widely used because of their portability. You can quickly move these to wherever you want to place them without the hassle of wires and cords. With this kind of air conditioning system, you will be able to control the air temperature inside your house or office. Since most of these are powered by electricity, they are very convenient.