What Should You Consider When Designing An Accessible Website?

Web design encompasses various disciplines and skills in the creation and maintenance of sites on the Internet. The various web design fields cover website graphic design, web authoring; user interface (UI) design; information architecture; and search engine optimization (SEO). Among these subfields, website design Adelaide takes traditional art styles like fine arts, painting, photography, printmaking, and architectural and engineering designs. Website graphic designers are highly specialized artists who work with the client to create an attractive website from a textual description, database, and images.

website-design-adelaideA website is made up of a mixture of text and graphics. The content that is part of your website is called ‘text’. On the other hand, the graphical elements that make your website visible to the visitors are called ‘graphics’. While text and graphics are important for making a website design Adelaide, the combination of both elements is called ‘design’ or ‘content’. There are general rules in choosing the right combination of elements that will make your website attractive.

  • First of all, you need to be able to make your website very user-friendly. This means that your website should provide enough navigation so that the visitors will easily find what they want. This will enable your visitors to move around your site without getting lost. Usually, there is a navigation bar at the top of every page. If it is not visible or if the font size is too small for the texts, your visitors may get lost. Thus, if you want to give a good website design, you should consider providing a clear navigation bar at each page’s top.
  • Second, is to make sure that the layout of your website design Adelaide is not too complicated. Complex layouts often make people bored after several tries to navigate to the home page. Most websites have a lot of horizontal and vertical scrolling elements that make navigation complicated. As a result, visitors will lose their patience quickly while navigating through your websites. Most online users do not spend a single second of their time reading content on most of these very complex websites.
  • Third, the most accessible website needs to include buttons and drop-down menus to make it easier for your audience to find what they are looking for. A button usually represents a needed action. For example, a drop-down menu usually represents a choice on a certain page. These add-ons will allow your audience to better navigate your website without getting lost. Thus, you must include these features in your web design so that your audience can improve their browsing experience.
  • Lastly, your web page needs to be properly sized. Most online users are using widescreen sizes nowadays. Thus, you should maintain the proper size of your website elements to accommodate the expected screen sizes of all your website visitors. Web designers use different approach and techniques when optimizing a website’s size. They usually divide a website into multiple pages so that each page can be properly sized to be accessed by all your visitors regardless of their screen sizes.