Rug Cleaning Mistakes

A real rug cleaning company works professionally, effectively, and professionally-and safely. If you want great rug cleaning and the highest quality results, you need to work with a professional carpet cleaning company. There is no better way to care for your investment than to work with a rug cleaning company that offers high levels of professionalism and safety. Rugs are expensive items, and they are costly to keep clean and well-maintained. The costs can be minimized by hiring a professional carpet cleaning company.

Professional rug cleaning services do a few different things wrong here, though. For instance, some companies wash carpets and rugs in the same place that they dry them: in an industrial dryer. So they did something wrong here, and it will probably have long-term implications on your carpets. Remember, professional cleaners dry carpets and rugs in Rug Cleaning Adelaide using low energy, high heat, and chemicals.

These chemicals are dangerous to the skin, hair, and eyes, and their residue is highly toxic. So, this is where many carpet cleaning services fall short. The residue left behind cleaning a rug, even a used one, contains thousands of tiny dust particles. If the cleaning company sends the equipment in with the carpet, there is a good chance that those particles escaped into the air. This is incredibly dangerous to your health! Some types of cancer are caused by breathing in these cancer-causing particles and other respiratory illnesses.

Here is another mistake that some rug cleaners make. They use only cold water when shampooing or rinsing a rug. Hot water, along with a detergent, is a much better option. Not only is hot water easier to work with, but it also warms the rug to a much greater extent than cold water. When a rug is wet, the fibres are tightly pulled up within the rug, meaning any dirt that has worked its way deep into the fibres is not released. Any residue left from shampoo or detergent will stay in the rug longer and can cause unpleasant odours to develop.

Rug cleaners also don’t perform spot checks as part of their cleaning services. Spot checks involve running your carpet through a machine that quickly pulls the rug out of the ground, exposing it to the air. The air should be checked for dust, soil, and hair. If any of these materials are present in your carpet, the rug should be thoroughly cleaned before you take it back into your home. Any residue left by a rug cleaning service will not come out unless the rug is thoroughly dried and replaced.

There are many more rug cleaning mistakes that rug cleaners often commit. A quick internet search will reveal many more. Before hiring a rug cleaning service, you should make sure they have a good reputation and are environmentally friendly. You can also do your research online to find other rug cleaning services like Rug Cleaning Adelaide or ask friends and family who have rugs cleaned. In short, rug cleaning is a necessary job but can be a complicated and time-consuming chore.