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Types of Hearing Aids

There are numerous types of hearing aids adelaide available today. The most popular are in-the-canal (ITC) and completely in-the-ear (ITE). ITCs are the smallest and are almost undetectable. However, unlike CICs, they are not as small and cannot fit completely inside the ear. However, ITEs do not sit as deeply inside the ear and are therefore less effective for people with profound hearing loss.

To get used to wearing a hearing aid:

  1. Allow yourself time to adjust. If you’re new to wearing a hearing aid, ask people to speak directly to you.
  2. If possible, sit in a location where you can see the faces of others.
  3. If you hear feedback, try lowering the volume of your hearing aid or removing any objects in your ear.

It may help to consult your hearing care professional if you have ear infections or earwax. Check out for more information.

hearing aids adelaideAfter determining your hearing needs, you can begin shopping for your hearing aids. Many private third-party insurance carriers offer comprehensive coverage for hearing aids. Some will pay directly to the provider of your choice. Others require you to submit proof of benefit or an extended return option. Ensure to ask about warranty and service periods before making a purchase. Also, inquire about warranty terms and the length of time your hearing aids will last. Some manufacturers extend the warranty for their hearing aids to try them for a certain period.

People with hearing problems spend their day with many people. Their conversations require them to understand many different types of voices. They spend time in noisy environments such as shopping malls, movie theatres, and social gatherings. They also need to hear in one-on-one settings. To get a better fit for a hearing aid, they must have a baseline evaluation. If you don’t know your threshold and UCL, your doctor can determine the right level to use for you.

There are many types of hearing aids adelaide available on the market today. Bone conduction, In-the-canal, Receiver-in-canal, and Invisible-in-canal are just a few. You can find more information about them in our article below. A hearing aid is essential if you have trouble hearing sounds, such as conversations and background noises. However, you should know your own needs before buying a hearing aid. Check out for more information.

Bone conduction

Hearing aids using bone conduction use an implanted magnet. The implant then connects to an external magnet and sends a signal through the skin. This method is used to treat children with conductive or mixed hearing loss. In addition, children with single-sided deafness, or profound hearing loss in only one ear, may also be candidates for bone conduction hearing aids.

Three major companies manufacture bone conduction hearing aids. Each company produces a different type of bone-conduction hearing aid. The hearing aid is chosen according to the child’s level of hearing loss and the power level they will need to hear clearly. Among these three companies, Baha 5 makes contact with the skull via a soft band or an abutment. The Alpha 2 MPO processor, on the other hand, makes contact with the skull using a magnetic system.


In-the-canal hearing aids are among the least visible types of hearing aids. They are small and sit deeper in the canal, so you can hardly tell they are there. Another plus: they don’t interfere with your glasses or hat, and they stay in place even when you move. As a result, they are a great choice for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. However, they don’t work for people who suffer from frequent ear infections or find other types of hearing aids fiddly to use.


Receiver-in-canal hearing aids are typically more discreet than custom invisible-in-canal hearing devices. They house a battery inside a ring located in the canal and can be adjusted to match the degree of your hearing loss. If necessary, you can also change out the receiver yourself, which can help save battery life. In addition, the receiver can be removed for cleaning and maintenance and can also be interchanged for another one later.